My Mother

My Mother

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rememberance and Celebration

We want to begin to celebrate my Mom's life. Please share your stories about my Mom, how you met her, how she changed your life, who she was to you, no matter how long or short. We just want to know what she did to put a smile on your face because she always had one on hers. To post a comment you need to sign up for an account by going to, then click "Create an account now" at the bottom right of the next page, then fill out your account information and use that same info to sign into this blog webpage. To actually comment on a post after you have signed in just click the "Comments" link at the bottom of any post you want to comment on or you can click on the name of the post you want to comment on in the list of posts on the right side of the page.


  1. Dee is a ray of sunshine. She has always been the most upbeat, optimistic, adorable person! We didn't see each other much over the years but when we did, it was like we were never apart. I am proud to say we're family. I miss her already. Sending all of you much love. xo - Cousin Wendy

  2. Dallas,

    Your mother's a remarkable person who will be greatly missed by us all. I have only known Dee since last summer. I relocated to the area for my job and went into your mom's bank the first week I moved to Texas from Florida. Dee notarized my oath of Attorney form for the Texas Bar, and we started talking during the process.

    It is rare when you get to know a warm and friendly person who enjoys life as greatly as Dee. Out of our initial conversations, Dee welcomed me to the area, recruited me to join her Rotary Club, and introduced me to a great group of people. She referred several people she knew in the community to me for legal advice, and always provided so much guidance and assistance to me concerning the local community and area. It is amazing how much of a difference one person can truly make by impacting another person's life in such a meaningful way. Meeting your mom at the bank and having her go out her way to make sure that I felt welcome has played a significant part in helping me to adjust to living in this area.

    I just wanted to make sure that you know how indebted I feel to your mom for all the help that she gave me during the past, and how privileged I feel to have known your mom. She will be deeply missed in the community and in lives of all she knew. My condolences to you and your family during this time.

    Thank you,
    Jason Ciofalo

  3. I didn't know Dee well. I met her through Cyndi, and ran into her again at family gatherings. I know that Dee loved her sons and was very proud of them. I can only hope to be that kind of mother. I am so sorry for your loss.

  4. I only met Dee two times - she came to my office at Bay Area Houston CVB in Seabrook. She made me laugh and was so energetic. I have followed your blogs and thank you for doing what you do.


  5. I met Dee in 2005 while in my final year of graduate school at UHCL. I had just finished my Master's project which was a video about the Armand Bayou Nature Center. As I was turning in my project to Professor Matthew Linton, he told me about a woman who called in offering a project that sounded very interesting. I met Dee at the Starbucks next to Barnes and Noble on Bay Area Boulevard. We introduced each other and one thing I will always remember is that she told me I could accomplish whatever I set out to do as long as I tried.

    The project was American Garage Bands and I was the videographer. The project was first of many. Dee had many ideas for videos: Yenta's Cowboy Christmas, starring Kay Lunn set in the colorful town of Wharton Texas; An introduction video with friends wanting to be on Howie Mandell's Deal or No Deal; A wonderful tour of her new big home by the bridge for a chance to be in the show Design Star. I still have most of the edited versions and all of the raw video of these projects, which I saved because they remind me of how much fun life can be and how vibrant life was in Dee.

    I build websites. Dee has had several. Some built by others, a few built by me, but for the past few years I took care of them for her.
    (two above are up now)
    (no longer up but have files)

    Right now I am the webmaster for the Galveston County Health District, which is a great job with good benefits by today's standards. One of the reasons I have this job is because Dee was my reference. I still remember hearing her voice as she excitedly exclaimed how they called about me and she thought they would hire me.

    Dee is a major influence in where I am in life now. Her creative ideas blossomed my love for video and design and for that I will always love her.

    Richard Pierce

  6. Hi, Dallas. I did not have the good fortune to know your mother long - but she made quite an impression upon me when I first met her about two years ago at a University of Houston-Clear Lake Art task force gathering. My last name is Bornstein, and apparently that was a family name for your mother as well. Anyway, we spent the night jokingly referring to each other as "CUZ!" I saw your Mom again last December at a University of Houston-Clear Lake event, and we had promised we would get together after the holidays. Sadly, we never did, and I will always regret that. Your mom exuded positive energy, and would light up a room when she came in. She will truly be missed, and I am so sorry for your loss.~Carol Bornstein

  7. Thinking of Dee tonight and praying for peace for each of you. She would not remember me, but I remember her so well. My daughter met her once and she sent her resume to the bank; she gave me the name of her hairdresser. She liked to help people. I met Dee only 2 times, but each time she had an energy that was contagious.
    D'Anna Travis
    Bay Area Houston CVB in Seabrook - not far from Dee's house.

  8. This is sooo hard!!!! There are so many great stories. We moved to Texas about 10 years ago and Dee was one of the first people we met. She played Bunco with the "girls" and any time she had a good roll she would punch someone and laugh. We still laugh about that to this day! I did a Women's Triathlon relay with her and we first had to fight Tropical Storm Allison to even get to Austin. She was our swimmer and we all had a blast. John and little Dallas bonded over the love of Music and Dee was going to make them all famous!!!!

    Yes Dee is special and had such plans!!! When I think of her, a colorful butterfly comes to mind. Flitting from place to place putting a smile on all the faces that see her!

    We love you Dee!

    Wendee, John and Asa Clemons

  9. There is so much I want to say, but I don't really know what to say...

    My thoughts are still with your family.

    I do know, that there is nobody who can light up a room with their presence in the way that your mom can.


  10. Dear Wright Family,

    We heard about Dee's condition this evening and are praying for your family during this difficult time. We are faithful that God our Creator will watch after Dee and shepherd your family as he always does.

    In the early 80’s I worked with Dallas and got to meet Dee when they lived in Fayetteville. Over the years I have shared with my friends and family my memories and respect of Dee as a friend and simply wonderful person that I had the pleasure to meet and get to know. I echo what so many have said - that her smile, charisma and energy are so addicting. She naturally draws people to her. Clearly, over the years she has lived her life to the fullest and befriended so many that are honored to have known her.

    In the 80’s many of us were pretty wild and crazy. But, Dee was always a rock, a voice of reason and clear headed. She was also one heck of a hostess and business person. While many of us were still trying to find our footing after college she was breaking new ground becoming involved with the business of the city, opening new businesses and building neighborhoods.

    I still have a watercolor painting that I purchased from Dee one year at a Christmas or New Years Eve party that depicts a New Orleans street. She sold it to me that evening and told me that she was helping a friend out that was trying to go to medical school. I have kept it over the years, enjoyed its romantic scenery and am always reminded of Dee and the family and the friend she was trying to help.

    Dee also introduced me to Paintball when she brought that sport to NW Arkansas. She always thought about safety first. She brought a lot of fun loving people to the woods in those years for some hard play and even the first regional competition games in the area. One year she asked me to be a referee in the championship games. I got shot 3 times by ‘snipers’ due to some ‘bad’ calls. It makes me laugh to this day. I had so much fun, got so much exercise, met so many good people and laughed so hard. Somehow Dee was able to do these types of things in such a savvy way and almost without effort. It was amazing to see her set a goal, execute (almost effortlessly) and bring friends together to enjoy good times.

    In that short period of time in the early 80’s Dee had a profound influence on my life. She taught me about how to celebrate, about supporting family and friends, about adventure and how to live life with graciousness and deep love for family and friends.

    Over the years I am sure with Dee’s love that the Wright family has deepened with love and joy in many unexpected ways. Her character, compassion, love and dedication will always be reflected in one way or another in those closest to her – and for that we are all grateful. Although the family is experiencing many aches and pains at this time please know that Dee’s love has come to you not as a tide does, but as a joy that will last forever.

    Robert Baker and family

  11. Dee was our next door neighbor and a good one. I helped her in her various political runs and she always ran a great race. A sweet person with a heart of gold, who cared about animals and people, and she always had a smile on her face when she came to visit. God will be getting a very good lady.
    Jerry & Ann Larsen

  12. Dallas,
    I can not imagine how difficult this is. Your mother was such a happy spirit, with enough enthusiasm to carry us all. I went to pick up messages on a phone line yesterday which is not used much and your mothers voice came where she had left us a message from the bank. She always followed through with any project she started, and was always interested in what others were doing. It is very hard to believe such a vibrant young woman is no longer here, but I am sure she already has a project going and getting friends on board!

  13. I met Dee a couple of months ago at the bank and we struck up an instant friendship. I would purposely walk into the bank vice the drive through to chat and visit with your mom. I brought my sister in one day and her and Dee also struck up a frienship, Wendi lives in Grand Cayman and Dee wanted to go visit her. Before Wendi got back to Cayman she had a cheerful email from your mom. Dee was an angel on earth and I am glad that she has touched so many lives and that I was blessed to have known her if only for a short time. God bless you Dee, a smile comes to my face everytime I think of you!

  14. Dee was one of the 1st people to greet me when we moved into Lake Cove and you guys were the 1st to have us over for dinner. She was just always so cheerful and fun to be around. She has done so much for all her friends and the community of Seabrook. I was sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to her before we moved away. She has touched my heart for always. Our prayers are with you all.


  15. Dallas,
    I have known your mom since she and I were on the PTA at Seabrook Intermediate. She was always such a happy wonderful person. Whenever I ran into her she would always brag on you guys. I have prayed for her recovery and now will pray that she is in peace in heaven. I know she will be missed. She touched so many people and always had a smile for everyone. God bless you all.

  16. Dear Dallas,

    I am very sad to hear about Dee. I always had great admiration and respect for her sunny disposition and ability to tackle anything. I regret not keeping in touch in recent years but know that I would have if time had permitted. My son Reno, who is now 14 years old, reminded me of something about Dee this morning and I wanted to share it with you. When Reno was about 5 years old I had an Easter egg painting party at my house for the neighborhood kids. We had an egg painting contest and Dee was one of the judges. Reno, who felt that his egg was by far the ugliest in the bunch, was very shocked when Dee picked his egg as the winner. She said that she admired the creativity of the egg. Reno also recalled that she used a word that he didn't understand the meaning of. I believe that she may have said that she was an "entrepreneur" and as such admired creativity. In any case, the incident stuck with him nine years later and was just an example of your mother's kindness and ability to reach out to people.
    I can hear your mom's voice and her funny laugh in my head and I know that I will never forget either one.
    The Myers Family

  17. Dee, Dallas, Family & Friends,

    Sitting here this morning after prayers through the previous days coming to know the battle. Dee's such a wonderful breath of life she unselfishly provides to everyone who has come to either personally met for that matter even known of her. Dee, my father, Scott Keller, myself and family came to know each other with the developement of Marker 1 Marina. Dee was instrumental in the support for the project understanding the benifit to the the City of Seabrook, a town/city she cared a great deal about. In the years after and many Boat Rides later more of a personal friendship is had, Dee without fail always stopped by the office sat down and said hello, asked about buisness, kids and well just "shooting the bull". Jamie and I every time commented on such a beautiful caring genuine and complementing individual. We'll miss you and your slogans "the wright choice"

    Keller Family

  18. Dallas and family...
    I have known Dee for a short 2 years. She was such an admirable lady, fun, enjoyed life and everything about it. She was contagious and inspiring to those around her. She and I had become close in the past 6 months, I would pop into her office for a few minutes often! We have lost a fabulous lady that will be remembered for the love of life she shared with everyone that she came in contact with. I love her and will miss her very much! Thank you for your efforts to keep all of us informed, seems as though it allowed us to be there with her. My prayers will continue to be with you all, that God will comfort you in your loss and make vivid your memories of your incredible Mother! Sylvia Haist

  19. I met Dee on a beautiful sunny day at the Lake Cove pool. I was sitting there by myself, probably watching Tony and Eric in the water. This strange, redheaded woman started talking to me. I first thought, she really talks alot (: and then thought she's so friendly. She told me she lived across the lawn near the pool. We met at the pool here and there, just making small talk. She and her family moved away for a short while and I missed her. When she moved back, though, was when we got closer. I found time spending time with her. She was fun, loud and I never had a bad day when we were together. They were always full of fun and interesting to say the least. Look up the phrase "never a dull moment" and you will see Dee's smiling face. We had great girls lunches, with Pat, Elle, and sometimes Margaret. I met lots of great people through Dee, some of you may be reading this.
    We had lots of fun working and doing thinngs for the city. She got me involved and I appreciated this, because it kept me busy, which was important to me as a at home mom.
    My family and hers spent alot of time together also. We really come to love Dallas, Dallas Jr, and Dillon, along with the animals that made their home with the family. They were a very hospitable family.
    My favorite memories with Dee include having lunches at the various restaurants in Seabrook. When we got bored, we would call up our mayor Robin to see what he was doing! It went something like this" Hi, Robin-Lori and I were just having lunch...." I couldn't believe she could just call our mayor like that-but I found out that he was also a very down to earth person.
    My other favorite memory was evacuating with Dee during the hurricane. We went in her truck, Ken and the boys were ahead in his car. I always remember giggling at all the unnecessary stuff we took-our "good" clothes and shoes etc. Dee understood because she said we would be the best dressed evacuees and it would come in handy if we got interviewed on the road! (: We road out the hurricane which switched directions and blew over our heads. We have alot of good memories of the cabins, spending time with Seabrook friends and friends we met there.
    I really enjoyed being Dee's date to many functions. I will miss that, I think we made a good pair.
    To say the least, she meant alot to me. I lost a best friend. It has been a privilege to have known her. She will never be forgotten, I will miss my weekly phone calls, when she would catch me up on the news from Seabrook and city hall (:. I will remember her smiling face and laugh, and those I will always remember. She was dearly loved.
    Lori Larsen

  20. Dear Wright and Lederer families:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Dee will leave a huge hole in our hearts. She was so very proud of her sons, and loved her entire family and her friends, and quickly made strangers into friends.

    Dee helped me realize what a small world it really is. In 7th grade, at George S. Patton Junior High at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, where our fathers were both stationed in the Army, Dee was already exhibiting what is now her well-known energy and involvement. It wasn’t one thing, it wasn’t just student government, it was choir, pep club, sports, and time to befriend geeky classmates like me. Our families moved; we lost touch. On arriving in Kaiserslautern, Germany, my mother said, “do you know who’s here? Diane from Ft. Leavenworth.” Dee was already involved in more activities than should be humanly possible, but we renewed our friendship, working on student government, homecoming, skiing, volleyball, talking our parents into sending us to Spain one summer, graduating, and moving on to college.

    We lost touch completely over the years. I was re-introduced to Dee at a Seabrook Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. Dee, who never met a stranger, and was talking a mile a minute (as always): “how did you get to Texas? Oh, my dad was in the army too…” and as soon as she said, “he was the post dentist at Ft. Leavenworth” I burst out: “ohmygod, I know you!! You’re Diane Lederer!” I was city attorney, she ran for and won a seat on city council. We re-friended and caught up on the 20 years in between high school and then. She wore an Arkansas razorback hat to a council meeting when Arkansas had beat Texas in football. We went to high school reunions together, where the rest of us agreed she hadn’t changed, and were jealous that she still had all that energy.

    Those whose lives she touched will miss her, and the community has lost a caring leader.

    Kim Mickelson

  21. We met Dee when we moved in 2 doors down from her! She always had a story to share, as well as such a vivacious laugh & spirit about her! I enjoyed playing Bunco with her (& even getting punched in the arm!) & will miss running into her all over town....she is a dear soul who was loved by so many.

  22. I'll always remember Dee when she campaigned for Justice of the Peace. She would walked into a subdivision carrying a bunch of signs and always leave with them in peoples yards.

    She talked with everyone. If they were outside having a bar b que, she would join them and they always took a sign and put it in their yard.

    We needed more Dees in this country.

  23. We were so saddened to hear of Dee's death. Your mom was an active member of Temple Shalom of Northwest Arkansas when you boys were little. We have missed your whole family a lot since you moved to Texas. Dee always had a smile on her face and excitement just bubbled out of her. This world is a sadder place with her leaving it. May all your wonderful memories of her sustain you as you mourn her passing.
    Hugs to all of you.... Judith Levine

  24. We met Dee around 2001 through mutual friends. She arranged limos to the airport for 10 of us, including kids, for one of our trips to the Dominican Republic and we will never forget the experience. She went way overboard with the arrangements! I had the great pleasure of talking to her over the years on a variety of issues, and she was always professional yet hilarious.

    We will always remember her.

    Ed & Casey Rainey