My Mother

My Mother

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gravely Concerned

We spoke with the Neurologist tonight and to quote him, he is "gravely concerned". He described the EEG results as showing dispersed brain activity. He also told us that since she has not shown any clear signs of waking up, if she wakes up we may be looking at weeks of waiting as opposed to days like we were expecting before tonight. He admitted that he is not an expert at reading EEG's, so he has called in an expert at reading EEG's to come in tomorrow and look at the results. He expects that this expert will not discern any information that he did not already glean from the results....... Besides the bad news from the Neurologist, there have been no other changes in my Mom's condition. We are still waiting for her kidneys to begin working again and for the septic infection to subside. Today they took another blood culture to check for any signs of new infection and started her on a new kind of antibiotic. Please keep her in your prayers.

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  1. We don't know your mom very well but we are a part of her family at Temple and have experienced the miracle and power of prayers. Our prayers for healing are with your mom and we are also saying prayers for strength for you and your family.

    In prayer -
    Kim and Stephen Baldwin