My Mother

My Mother

Sunday, February 28, 2010


We prefer that instead of flowers, we would like people to make a donation in memory of my Mother to one of the many causes she supported with all her heart. These are just a few of the many causes my mom supported, so please do not feel obligated only to donate to the ones I post here.

My Mom was a member of the IBM bike team for the BP MS150
A no kill animal shelter that my Mom loved Second Chance Pets
Our family's congregation Temple Beth Tikvah

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Funeral Arrangements

Tuesday, March 2nd will be the day we celebrate my Mom's life. A Jewish service will be held in the sanctuary of Temple Beth Tikvah at 11AM, following the service there will be a funeral procession to Forest Park East Cemetery. The celebration of her life will be at 2PM in the Seabrook Community House. These are the addresses:

Temple Beth Tikvah - 12411 Park Shadows Trail, Houston, TX 77598
Forest Park East Cemetery - 21620 Gulf Freeway, Webster, TX‎ 77058
Seabrook Community House - 1786 1st St, Seabrook, TX 77586

She Won

My Mom is a fighter. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Tonight she wanted to be with her maker. My Mom passed away this evening. She left this world peacefully and surrounded by her family. These past three weeks have been the hardest weeks of our lives. Remember the good times my Mom brought to everyone around her and find comfort knowing that she is now in a better place. We will post information about final arrangements very soon. Thanks for loving my Mom.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rememberance and Celebration

We want to begin to celebrate my Mom's life. Please share your stories about my Mom, how you met her, how she changed your life, who she was to you, no matter how long or short. We just want to know what she did to put a smile on your face because she always had one on hers. To post a comment you need to sign up for an account by going to, then click "Create an account now" at the bottom right of the next page, then fill out your account information and use that same info to sign into this blog webpage. To actually comment on a post after you have signed in just click the "Comments" link at the bottom of any post you want to comment on or you can click on the name of the post you want to comment on in the list of posts on the right side of the page.

Hardest Days

The past few days have been the hardest days of our lives. The neurologist informed us that my Mom will not be coming back to us. His reccomendation was to take her off life support and let her be with God. We struggled with this for days. We asked for more tests and a second opinion, but the answer remained unchanged. Last night my Mom was taken off life support. She is breathing peacefully on her own and is comfortable. We welcome friends to come and visit her. Call my Dad at 281-216-3639 to arrange a time to come and visit. I will continue posting information about my Mom on this site.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 19

My Mom had a rough day today. The doctors have kept her on medication to keep her blood pressure up, and her heart rate has been high all day long. Due to her low blood pressure they were not able to perform dialysis today. She is still running a temperature of around 101. She needs everyone's prayers right now.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 18

The surgery went well tonight. The surgeon was able to clear out the fluid that had built up, and my Mom tolerated the operation nicely. Our family would like to say thank you to everyone for your kind words and much needed prayers, please keep them coming.